Advancing digital responsibility through independent evaluation. 

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It is time to give digitalisation a new direction.

Industries, governments and individual citizens need the digital transformation of society - digitalisation - to be a positive and trustworthy process. Yet today there is a global information crisis characterised by confusion, cynicism, fragmentation, irresponsibility and apathy. That’s why the Internet Commission is collaborating with business, policymakers and civil society to support a new direction.

Its accountability framework is enabling responsible organisations to benchmark, validate and demonstrate their progress. Its Dialogue on Digital Responsibility engages organisations for a more sustainable digitalisation.

More effective and reliable governance processes for the online environment are needed. It’s a complex challenge, and there’s no doubt that companies are working hard on it. But this is urgent, and progress must be demonstrated. We believe that confidential disclosure and independent validation can play an important role.
— Jonny Shipp, Founder and Project Lead

Accountability Framework

We are piloting independent validation of how companies are tackling illegal content, hate speech, cyberbullying, self-harm and fake news on their platforms. Working confidentially with companies, we are building deep insight to enable balanced reporting of progress and key challenges. This will benefit the companies involved as well as their stakeholders including policymakers in the UK, Europe and beyond. We aim to publish our first accountability framework (questions) by the summer and are actively seeking more companies to help shape it. Our first report (evaluation) will follow from there, later in the year.


Dialogue on Digital Responsibility

Policymakers, businesses and citizens are scrambling to understand the impact and challenges of digitalisation. Technology can benefit people but its impact on society is not always positive. Inspired by the UN Agenda for Sustainable Development, our 2018 dialogue explored what values might inform a better direction for digital development.