An independent initiative for a more trusted and accountable Internet. 

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It is time to give digitalisation a new direction.

Industries, governments and individual citizens need the digital transformation of society - digitalisation - to be a positive and trustworthy process. Yet today there is a global information crisis characterised by confusion, cynicism, fragmentation, irresponsibility and apathy.

That’s why the Internet Commission is collaborating with policymakers, business and civil society to drive a new direction. Its Global Digital Goals seek to guide organisational strategy and purpose towards a sustainable digitalisation, for an Internet of People, Prosperity and Peace. Its accountability framework can enable those responsible to demonstrate and validate their progress.


Accountability Framework

Transparency is helping to drive progress on global issues such as gender equality and climate change. By reporting on rates of pay and greenhouse gas emissions, organisations demonstrate accountability and show how they are creating value in the long term. The Internet Commission advocates a similar approach in relation to Digital Responsibility issues.


Dialogue on Digital Responsibility

Policymakers, businesses and citizens are scrambling to understand the impact and challenges of digitalisation. Technology can benefit people but its impact on society is not always positive. Inspired by the UN Agenda for Sustainable Development, our multi-stakeholder dialogue is establishing Global Digital Goals to articulate a better direction for digital development.