Advancing digital responsibility

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The negative consequences of digitalisation are hurting business and society.


It is time to give digitalisation a new direction.

INDUSTRIES, GOVERNMENTS AND CITIZENS need the digital transformation of society - digitalisation - to be a positive and trustworthy process.

Yet today there is a GLOBAL INFORMATION CRISIS characterised by confusion, cynicism, fragmentation, irresponsibility and apathy. That’s why the Internet Commission is collaborating with business, policymakers and civil society to support a new direction.

What do we offer?

For INTERNET COMPANIES we develop TOOLS to demonstrate leadership, responsibility, and to build trust.

For INVESTORS we devise INSIGHTS to support stewardship and digital responsibility risk management.

For POLICYMAKERS we conceive MECHANISMS to inform public policy and smart regulation in Europe and beyond.

For SOCIETY we catalyse ACTION against online harms such as illegal content, hate speech, cyberbullying and fake news.


Evaluation Framework

Our EVALUATION FRAMEWORK FOR CONTENT MODERATION focuses on systems and governance processes, looking at how decisions are made about the promotion, investigation and removal of online content.

It IDENTIFIES 54 QUALITATIVE AND QUANTITATIVE INDICATORS that reveal how commercial, safety and freedom of expression issues are balanced. Based on significant industrial and academic insight and expertise, it has an international perspective and is independent of both government and industry.

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