About us


An independent initiative for a more transparent and accountable internet.

It all started with this blog by John Carr and Mike Short. It inspired a team of technology, media and communications executives to gather around a mission to catalyse a positive cycle of organisational accountability, transparency and multi-stakeholder dialogue. In consultation with industry and civil society we mapped eight key areas of interest and concern: safety, decency, truth, ethics, wellbeing, economic opportunity, fairness and inclusion.


It is time for digitalisation to be given new direction, to ensure that it is a positive force for people and society and that its unintended negative consequences are tackled.

Enhancing transparency about the procedures that organisations use to address these issues can fuel a new, positive and constructive cycle of discussions about the social impact of technology. That’s why we are developing a transparency framework initially focussed on how online content is managed and controlled.

Our dialogue on digital responsibility is identifying an agenda for a positive digitalisation, guided by the Sustainable Development Goals. Characterised by collaboration, independence and an international perspective, we seek to inform the development of national and regional public policy and business practice.

For a longer read, see this recent blog by the founder and project lead, Jonny Shipp: "The essential elements of the new Internet governance: diversity, optimism and independence”.