About us


Advancing Digital Responsibility through Independent Evaluation

ASSESMENT: we provide the tools to internally assess current practices and identify areas for improvement.

BENCHMARKING: we offer anonymised comparative analysis against peers, industry and markets helping encourage best practice development.

ACCOUNTABILITY: our independent annual review will inform stakeholders and highlight best practices in digital responsibility.

We are powered by digital policy expertise, research excellence and business experience. Our EVALUATION FRAMEWORK FOR CONTENT MODERATION has been developed with input from:

  • Industry including Internet and social media platforms

  • NGOs such as Carnegie UK Trust, UNICEF UK and Global Partners Digital

  • Experts including John Carr, Prof. Ellen Helsper, Prof. Sonia Livingstone, Claire Milne, Tijana Milosevic, Prof. Brian O’Neil

  • Regulators including UK Government (DCMS), Australian eSafety Commissioner and the European Commission