Delivery Team


Jonny Shipp
Founder, Project Lead

Jonny Shipp is a social entrepreneur, adviser on technology, strategy and public affairs and a Visiting Fellow in the Department of Media and Communications at the London School of Economics and Political Science. He has held senior roles in the Internet and communications industry, delivering products, partnerships, strategic communications, industry self-regulation, thought leadership and cultural change programmes across Europe and the Americas. He served six years as Vice-Chair of the Internet Watch Foundation.

Julian Coles

Julian Coles is an independent digital media policy consultant. He has worked for Ofcom and the UK Government's Department of Culture, Media and Sport on social media policy and for the EU toy industry on digital marketing to children. He's on UNICEF's working group on GDPR and children's rights, a member of the Internet Watch Foundation's Ethics Committee and a Trustee of Childnet International. Until April 2015, Julian was Senior Adviser, Editorial Policy at the BBC, where he was responsible for editorial policy for the Corporation's online and interactive services for 15 years. He wrote the BBC's award winning Online Guidelines and created the BBC's policy for all forms of social media including YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Dr Ioanna Noula

Dr Ioanna Noula holds a PhD in Citizenship Education. She is a Research Fellow for Childhood and Youth in the School of Education, University of Leeds. During her doctoral studies she explored the concept of citizenship in primary education settings in post-2009 Greece, while fully sponsored by a major EU grant (FP7 2007-2013). She holds an MA degree in Sociology of Education from the UCL Institute of Education. Ioanna has conducted research for award winning projects on global citizenship education and active citizenship in the UCL Institute of Education and LSE’s Media and Communications Department where she holds the position of Visiting Fellow. Her current research focuses on citizenship education, media literacy and contemporary challenges for children and young people including questions emerging from the digital transformation of the social. She has also worked as a teacher in primary schools in Greece and in the UK. 


Jessica Sandin

Jessica Sandin is a digital industry veteran. She covered the early days of the mobile content industry as a prominent editor and analyst, before moving on to consultancy and subsequently leading app strategy at Nokia/Microsoft. She now works on innovation, strategy and service design projects, with a strong focus on end-user insight and face-to-face interaction. In 2015 Jessica co-founded Thrive with Digital, a project focused on the need to improve our relationship with screens while keeping all the great aspects of digital.


Thorsten Brønholt
Research & innovation

Thorsten Brønholt is a project manager turned academic. He is a doctoral candidate at the University Of The West Of Scotland, researching how digital platforms shape and reshape us as individuals and societies. Thorsten holds a M.Sc. and a B.Sc. in Political Science from the University of Copenhagen. He has worked in project management (digitalisation) in Municipality of Copenhagen, in telecommunications management, in IT, and once upon a time he co-founded a short-lived Berlin based IT start-up. As an academic, Thorsten is particularly interested in ethics and philosophy of the digital age. As a lecturer he specialises in Research Methodology, Cyber Policy (IR), and Philosophies of Science whilst also teaching various other themes of politics and social science. Together with a colleague (Carolina Silveira) Thorsten developed a concept for student-led initial training and scientific induction of PhD students which is implemented across the University of the West of Scotland.

Rimma Perelmuter

Rimma Perelmuter is a digital leader, strategic partner builder and trust in data champion.  Previously, as CEO and Co-Founder of Mobile Ecosystem Forum (MEF), Rimma built the organisation from the ground up and led its rapid expansion across the diverse markets of Africa, Asia, EMEA and the Americas, establishing it as the as an influential global & cross-sector platform.  Throughout 17 years of leading MEF, she collaborated with industry leaders to deliver key partnerships, initiatives and tools to accelerate a trusted and sustainable mobile ecosystem. She thrives on motivating stakeholders to engage around purpose-led initiatives which solve problems and leverage innovation to drive market & social impact. In 2018, Rimma won the Trust Leader of the Year Award. She also serves on the Advisory Board for mBolden which champions women in digital.


Juraj Kosturik

Juraj Kosturik has worked in public affairs and communications since completing his university studies. His work experience comprises jobs at the European Commission, the European Parliament and in the private sector. In recent years he has worked on thought leadership initiatives exploring the digital economy and its social impact. Juraj holds an economics degree from Bocconi University in Milan and an M.A. in Political Economy from the Brussels School of International Studies.

Dominic Sparkes

Dominic has worked in digital marketing since 1995 with the ageing honour of being one of the first to have internet access and a colour monitor at EMI Records. In 2002, Dominic founded one of the world's first high volume moderation companies, Tempero, protecting community users and the reputation of brands such as the BBC, Microsoft, Apple, Google, Sony and many more. Having sold to marketing giant Dentsu in 2014, and grown the agency to be part of a 400 strong global team, Dominic is now back to his entrepreneurial routes working in publishing, retail and digital but most importantly being a Dad to a little superstar.